Bug 7521: Convert byte[] to ShardManagerSnapshot in DatastoreSnapshot
[controller.git] / opendaylight / archetypes /
2017-01-24 Michael VorburgerReplace mockito-all by mockito-core (see Bug 7662) 61/50861/3
2017-01-03 Ryan GouldingRev the archetype to utilize the latest year for defaul... 86/49986/1
2016-11-14 Alexis de TalhouëtUse odlparent for archetype to inherit the version 51/47651/4
2016-10-10 Alexis de TalhouëtClean-up archetype 85/46685/2
2016-10-07 Michael VorburgerRemove <prerequisites><maven> from 4 archetype pom.xml 42/46642/2
2016-08-10 Ryan GouldingBug 6278: Switch to use odlparent's karaf-parent 44/43144/3
2016-08-08 Thanh HaBump versions by 0.1.0 for next dev cycle 09/43409/1
2016-07-26 Alexis de TalhouëtRemove getModuleName()/getInstanceName() in IT 02/42502/2
2016-07-08 Rashmi PujarAdd CLI bundle to the startup archetype 49/41049/16
2016-06-30 Alexis de TalhouëtAdd blueprint wiring to opendaylight-archetype 61/41161/7
2016-06-14 Michael VorburgerAnticipate future fix for missing .gitignore in archety... 06/39106/3
2016-06-06 Michael VorburgerClean up pom.xml of archetypes projects (not archetypes... 82/39482/2
2016-05-31 Michael VorburgerFormat startup archetype much more nicely, and clean... 75/39175/2
2016-05-02 Tom PantelisChange opendaylight-karaf-distro-archetype to use karaf... 92/38092/2
2016-04-13 Thanh HaUpdate comment so that it is more correct 31/37331/2
2016-04-13 Vishal ThaparUse proper user given values for deploy-site.xml 10/37310/3
2016-03-11 Thanh HaAdd Maven Site generation data 22/36022/4
2016-03-11 Thanh HaFix yangtools version in startup archetype 21/36021/3
2016-03-11 Thanh HaChange default version to 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT 20/36020/4
2016-03-11 Thanh HaBump default copyright year to 2016 19/36019/4
2016-03-11 Thanh HaImprove formatting for visual satisfaction 18/36018/4
2016-02-19 Robert VargaMake sure yang-maven-plugin executes in eclipse 23/34823/2
2016-01-21 Thanh HaBump yangtools to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT 90/33290/4
2016-01-15 Thanh HaBumping versions by 0.1.0 for next dev cycle 90/32690/1
2016-01-13 Stephen KittUpdate features archetypes 14/31814/3
2015-12-17 adetalhouetAdd missing relatedPath for aggregator's parent 94/31194/2
2015-12-01 Thanh HaRemove <repositories> and <pluginRepositories> 74/26574/4
2015-11-29 Thanh HaUse odlparent-lite as artifacts parent 31/30331/1
2015-10-28 Ed WarnickeFix small bug in startup archetype 99/28899/2
2015-09-22 adetalhouetBug 4202 - Migrate archetypes to use MD-SAL Project 50/27250/1
2015-09-17 Flavio FernandesSplit {copyright} into {copyright-year} and {copyright} 41/26941/5
2015-09-17 Tony TkacikBug 4202: Migration to use mdsal project 79/26079/14
2015-09-16 Stephen KittUpgrade archetype-packaging plugin to 2.4 56/26956/2
2015-09-07 Tomas CereMigrate archetypes restconf dependencies 03/26603/1
2015-08-03 Ed WarnickeSmall fix to IT in startup archetype. 28/24728/1
2015-07-29 Ed WarnickeAdd yangui to -ui features in startup archetype. 63/24563/4
2015-07-29 Ed WarnickeChanges to startup archetype to incorporate IT testing 59/24559/7
2015-07-01 Robert VargaBump maven-archetype plugin to 2.3 63/22263/2
2015-07-01 Thanh HaUse Beryllium parent pom versions 25/23225/3
2015-06-16 Jan-Simon Möller[RFC][Fix] Fix for connection in pom.xml. 76/21776/3
2015-06-09 Robert VargaUnify declarations in archetype-parent 68/22168/2
2015-06-08 Robert VargaFix archetype compilation 62/22062/2
2015-06-08 Robert VargaFix maven-archetype-plugin not pulling its dependencies 08/21108/4
2015-05-07 Tony TkacikMerge "Add missing copyright text"
2015-05-07 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2954 : Thread local DocumentBuilder's for...
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2820 - LLDP refactor"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2820 - LLDP TLV support and testing"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2820 - problem to add second TLV with type...
2015-05-04 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 3057 - notify added event source by topics...
2015-04-30 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG-2288: deprecate old binding Notification...
2015-04-27 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bug 2983: Added support for creation of multiple...
2015-04-27 Tony TkacikMerge "Event Source: switch from wildcards to regexs"
2015-04-27 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 3029 - netconf event source modification...
2015-04-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Bumped controller version by minor for next...
2015-04-24 Tony TkacikBumped controller version by minor for next release... 23/18923/4
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Cleanup: Remove passing around of DataPersistenc...
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Address comment in gerrit 17266"
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Bug 2948: Perform create snapshot synchronously"
2015-04-17 Tom PantelisMerge "Notification Listener Adapter uses NotificationL...
2015-04-16 Tony TkacikBug 2907: Make sure we are properly bumped to Karaf... 10/18410/3
2015-04-08 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2889 : migration of netconf-cli to Normalize...
2015-03-30 Moiz RajaMerge "Adjust Tx rate limiter for unused transactions"
2015-03-30 Moiz RajaMerge changes I34538a22,I520b0d83
2015-03-30 Moiz RajaMerge "Increase unit test coverage in SnapshotManager"
2015-03-30 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2743 - Added support for runtime RPC's to...
2015-03-30 Tony TkacikMerge "Avoid IllegalArgument on missing source"
2015-03-30 Tony TkacikMerge "Increase default negotiation timeout for netconf...
2015-03-30 Tony TkacikMerge "Set unable-to-connect(netconf node) if no source...
2015-03-30 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG-1567 Expose sources for submodules in netconf"
2015-03-30 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG-2877: Allow hello message with no namespace"
2015-03-27 Tony TkacikMerge "Add dependency on config file to startup archetype"
2015-03-27 Ed WarnickeAdd dependency on config file to startup archetype 16/17116/2
2015-03-23 Moiz RajaMerge "Refactor LeaderElectionScenarioTests"
2015-03-19 Tony TkacikMerge "fixed restconf notification subscription parsing."
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Change in AbstractRaftBehavior#performSnapshotWi...
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Refactor ShardTest"
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Reduce/enhance logging in AbstractLeader"
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Purge in-memory log when install snapshot is...
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Use static Procedure callback for ApplyJournalEn...
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Changes in RaftActor#handleCaptureSnapshotReply"
2015-03-13 Moiz RajaMerge "Change fields in ShardStats to non-volatile"
2015-03-12 Tony TkacikMerge "Quick fix nullable RPC input"
2015-03-12 Moiz RajaMerge "Add sal-akka-raft test-jar dependency to sal...
2015-03-11 Tony TkacikMerge "Fixed testool performance bottleneck due to...
2015-03-11 Tony TkacikMerge "Changed NetconfDeviceDatastoreAdapter and Netcon...
2015-03-11 Tony TkacikMerge "Fixed failing tests due to different attribute...
2015-03-11 Tony TkacikMerge "Migrate to using odlparent:features-test"
2015-03-11 Robert VargaMigrate to using odlparent:features-test 29/16229/2
2015-03-04 Moiz RajaMerge "Dynamically update DatastoreContext properties"
2015-02-25 Tony TkacikMerge "Remove neutron post project split"
2015-02-25 Tony TkacikMerge "Startup arch - add odlparent to root pom."
2015-02-25 Tony TkacikMerge "Removing { } from NormalizedNodeJsonBodyWriter"
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2697: Improvement wrong response handling...
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2731: Discard changes only when transaction...
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Fix race condition in get/get-config netconf...
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Make DOMDataTreeIdentifier implement Comparable"
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Pass down a collection of cohorts"
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Startup archetype - move impl under 'impl' names...
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Startup arch - Add scm section to root pom."
2015-02-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Startup arch - feature cleanup"

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