Clean up pom.xml of archetypes projects (not archetypes content)
[controller.git] / opendaylight / blueprint /
2016-05-12 Tom PantelisAdd clustered-app-config blueprint extension 90/38390/7
2016-04-25 Tom PantelisAddress comments in prior patches 62/37662/5
2016-04-19 Ryan GouldingDepend on odlparent version of blueprint 86/37286/2
2016-04-11 Tom PantelisAdd blueprint extension to register notification listener 92/36492/19
2016-04-08 Tom PantelisAdd blueprint extensions to get and register RPC services 85/36485/20
2016-04-07 Tom PantelisAdd decorating "type" attr extension for service refs 82/36482/21
2016-04-07 Tom PantelisAdd restart-dependents-on-update blueprint extension 76/36476/20
2016-04-07 Tom PantelisAdd Blueprint bundle tracker 48/35848/15

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