config-it-base: final parameters
[controller.git] / opendaylight / config / config-it-base / pom.xml
2017-04-11 Anil BelurBump versions by x.(y+1).z for next dev cycle 89/54689/1
2017-01-24 Vratko PolakUse opendaylight-karaf-empty from Odlparent 49/50549/2
2016-08-08 Thanh HaBump versions by 0.1.0 for next dev cycle 09/43409/1
2016-03-31 Tom PantelisModify AbstractConfigTestBase to use opendaylight-karaf... 76/36776/9
2016-01-15 Thanh HaBumping versions by 0.1.0 for next dev cycle 90/32690/1
2016-01-08 Stephen KittDrop karaf-maven-plugin from it-base/parent 97/32197/2
2015-12-04 Stephen KittUse ${karaf.version} in AbstractConfigTestBase 97/30497/3
2015-09-14 Tony TkacikFixed relativePaths. 97/26597/5
2015-07-29 Ed WarnickeBase projects and parents for IT tests. 94/16294/13

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