Inject MD_SAL services directly in sal-binding-it tests
[controller.git] / opendaylight / md-sal / sal-clustering-config / src / main / resources / initial / 06-clustered-entity-ownership.xml.conf
2016-07-23 Vaclav DemcakAdd again mdsal-singleton but remove prefix DOM 17/42317/4
2016-07-22 Vaclav DemcakComment out mdsal-signleton-service in controller 11/42311/1
2016-07-19 Tom PantelisAdd odl-mdsal-singleton-dom feature and CSS yang 93/42093/2
2016-07-19 Tom PantelisConvert distributed EOS impl to use new DOM EOS interfaces 75/35475/14
2015-09-10 Tom PantelisBug 4105: Added DistributedEntityOwnershipService and... 86/26786/2

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