CDS: Implement front-end support for local transactions
[controller.git] / opendaylight / md-sal / sal-distributed-datastore / src / main / java / org / opendaylight / controller / cluster / datastore /
2015-05-07 Tony TkacikMerge "Add missing copyright text"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2820 - LLDP refactor"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2820 - LLDP TLV support and testing"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2820 - problem to add second TLV with type...
2015-04-30 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG-2288: deprecate old binding Notification...
2015-04-27 Tony TkacikMerge "Event Source: switch from wildcards to regexs"
2015-04-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Improve performance of XmlElement.getName"
2015-04-24 Tony TkacikMerge "Stop SubtreeFitler from rereading reply even...
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Elide front-end 3PC for single-shard Tx"
2015-04-18 Tom PantelisElide front-end 3PC for single-shard Tx 92/18392/7
2015-04-16 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bug 2358: Fixed warnings in Restconf"
2015-04-13 Tony TkacikMerge "Stop swallowing exceptions in XmlElement optiona...
2015-04-13 Tony TkacikMerge "Remove isCloseMsg check for each rpc"
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge "Remove deprecation suppression"
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge "Add generic arguments"
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge "Update lispflowmapping options in"
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge "Fixes Bug 2935"
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge changes I114cbac1,I45c2e7cd
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge "Refactor raft recovery code to a RaftActorRecove...
2015-04-10 Moiz RajaMerge "Remove recorded modification Futures from Transa...
2015-04-09 Tom PantelisRemove recorded modification Futures from TransactionCo... 77/17777/3
2015-04-08 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2799: SPI for EventSources"
2015-04-08 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2889 : migration of netconf-cli to Normalize...
2015-04-07 Tom PantelisMerge "Bug 2933: BidningDOMDataBrokerAdaper implements...
2015-04-07 Tom PantelisMerge "Bug 2933: Make DataTreeModification and Listener...
2015-04-07 Tom PantelisMerge "Bug 2933: Implemented DataTreeChangeService"
2015-04-07 Moiz RajaMerge "Refactor ReplicatedLogImpl to separate class"
2015-04-02 Tony TkacikMerge "Remove SimpleDataTreeCandidate"
2015-04-02 Robert VargaFix AbstractTransactionContext field visibility 37/17537/8
2015-02-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Improve JavaAttribute performance"
2015-02-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Make sure write transaction cancellation is...
2015-02-04 Moiz RajaMerge "neutron now works with jetty"
2015-02-04 Tom PantelisMerge "BUG 2667 : Handle null value type"
2015-02-04 Moiz RajaMerge "Bug2268: Deprecate legacy Payload classes"
2015-02-04 Moiz RajaMerge "Bug 2264: Use streaming for snapshots"
2015-02-04 Moiz RajaMerge "Refactor TransactionProxy"
2015-02-02 Gary WuRefactor TransactionProxy 18/14618/3
2015-01-28 Robert VargaSplit out TransactionContext classes 73/14573/1

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