2013-07-16 Jozef GloncakYANG typedefs generation as class with extends key... 96/596/4
2013-07-13 Alessandro... Merge "adding function to modify existing subnets"
2013-07-12 Colin Dixonadding function to modify existing subnets 72/572/5
2013-07-12 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyBug fix: flow statistics are not notified if empty 94/594/1
2013-07-12 Alessandro... Merge "Moved parsing of unknown nodes from implementati...
2013-07-11 Diti BhatiaFixed a bug to block the creation of a static host... 69/569/4
2013-07-11 Jason Ye- In, Transmit Thread waits if the... 90/590/2
2013-07-11 Jason YeMerge "Fix null value put in FRM incativeFlows hash...
2013-07-11 Alessandro... Merge "- Adding hashCode() and equals() method for...
2013-07-11 Martin VitezMoved parsing of unknown nodes from implementation... 92/592/1
2013-07-11 Martin VitezBumped version of yang-prototype to 0.5.4-SNAPSHOT. 83/583/3
2013-07-11 Tony TkacikUpdated PoC APIs of Model-driven SAL 81/581/2
2013-07-11 Tony TkacikAdded YANG extensions module 80/580/2
2013-07-11 Alessandro... Fix null value put in FRM incativeFlows hash map 89/589/2
2013-07-10 Diti Bhatia- Adding hashCode() and equals() method for v6Match 88/588/1
2013-07-10 Alessandro... Merge "Add operational port status"
2013-07-10 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyBug fixes and styling 86/586/1
2013-07-10 Andrew KimAdd operational port status 85/585/1
2013-07-10 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyMove stats caching to FM StatisticsManager 75/575/7
2013-07-10 Tony TkacikFixed bug in RPC and Generics mapping 82/582/2
2013-07-10 Alessandro... Merge "Maping of union leaf a bits leaf YANG type to...
2013-07-10 Jozef GloncakMaping of union leaf a bits leaf YANG type to JAVA... 46/546/9
2013-07-10 Martin VitezMinor code refactoring and improvements. 79/579/2
2013-07-10 Alessandro... Proactive static flows have to be allowed in container... 74/574/4
2013-07-10 Alessandro... Merge "Added default output directory to CodeGeneratorI...
2013-07-09 Pramila SinghHA cache sync for switch manager 76/576/3
2013-07-09 Chi-Vien LyMerge "Fix for the "without any protocolPluginType...
2013-07-09 Alessandro... Merge "Fixed bug in maven-yang-plugin."
2013-07-09 Alessandro... Merge "Added more tests for yang parser. Updated curren...
2013-07-09 Alessandro... Merge "first implementation of yang-data-api"
2013-07-09 Martin VitezAdded default output directory to CodeGeneratorImpl... 78/578/1
2013-07-09 Alessandro... Fix for the "without any protocolPluginType provided... 77/577/2
2013-07-08 Alessandro... Merge "Ensuring that SET_DL_* action with openflowj...
2013-07-08 Maros MarsalekFixed bug in maven-yang-plugin. 73/573/1
2013-07-08 Michal Rehakfirst implementation of yang-data-api 30/530/2
2013-07-05 Alessandro... Merge "adding isBroadcast and isMulticast functions...
2013-07-05 Colin Dixonadding isBroadcast and isMulticast functions to Ethernet 71/571/2
2013-07-05 Alessandro... Merge "Fixing the style checker to ignore the target...
2013-07-05 Colin DixonFixing the style checker to ignore the target directori... 70/570/1
2013-07-05 Madhu VenugopalConfiguration Save event sync mechanism using Clusterin... 68/568/1
2013-07-04 Martin VitezAdded more tests for yang parser. Updated current tests. 66/566/1
2013-07-03 Alessandro... Merge "Added support to generate types from Choices...
2013-07-03 Alessandro... Merge "Cache Sync for HostTracker"
2013-07-03 Chi-Vien LyMerge "Fix container flow logic in forwarding rules...
2013-07-03 Alessandro... Merge "Implemented ordering of yang module data nodes...
2013-07-03 lsedlakAdded support to generate types from Choices and Cases... 65/565/1
2013-07-03 Martin VitezImplemented ordering of yang module data nodes. Added... 44/544/3
2013-07-03 Alessandro... Merge "Added topologyNorthbound integration test remove...
2013-07-03 taochangAdded topologyNorthbound integration test 32/532/4
2013-07-02 Alessandro... Fix container flow logic in forwarding rules manager 45/545/1
2013-07-02 Alessandro... Merge "Added support to generate interfaces from Choice...
2013-07-02 Alessandro... Merge "Add help menu"
2013-07-02 Alessandro... Merge "HA sync for samples simpleforwarding"
2013-07-02 Alessandro... Merge "Restoring basic cache syncing for switch manager...
2013-07-02 Alessandro... Merge "Added annotations to Latency for northbound...
2013-07-02 lsedlakAdded support to generate interfaces from Choices and... 43/543/1
2013-07-02 Maurice QureshiCache Sync for HostTracker 42/542/1
2013-07-02 Pramila SinghRestoring basic cache syncing for switch manager 39/539/1
2013-07-01 Alessandro... When containers are present, static flows add/removal... 38/538/2
2013-07-01 Chi-Vien LyMerge "On container removal, all container flows should...
2013-07-01 Diti BhatiaHA sync for samples simpleforwarding 37/537/1
2013-07-01 Andrew KimAdd help menu 35/535/1
2013-07-01 Alessandro... Cannot install flow with Flood action 36/536/1
2013-07-01 Alessandro... On container removal, all container flows should be... 34/534/1
2013-07-01 Chi-Vien LySwitchManager incorrectly treats all ports as span... 33/533/1
2013-06-28 Martin VitezRefactored parsing of YANG uses statement. 28/528/3
2013-06-28 Jozef GloncakAdded following mapping: 22/522/10
2013-06-27 patrichuAdded annotations to Latency for northbound usage. 31/531/1
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Merge "Added StatusCode to Response.Status Mapping"
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Merge "HA - Cache sync for forwarding.staticrouting"
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Refactor ForwardingRulesmanager 18/518/4
2013-06-27 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bumped version of YANG tools to 0.5.3-SNAPSHOT"
2013-06-27 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed bug in GeneratedPropertyBuilderImpl."
2013-06-27 lsedlakFixed bug in GeneratedPropertyBuilderImpl. 29/529/1
2013-06-27 Tony TkacikBumped version of YANG tools to 0.5.3-SNAPSHOT 27/527/1
2013-06-27 Pramila SinghAdded StatusCode to Response.Status Mapping 25/525/1
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Topology discovery is broken in Active/Active controllers 26/526/1
2013-06-26 Alessandro... Merge "Performance improvements:"
2013-06-26 Diti BhatiaHA - Cache sync for forwarding.staticrouting 23/523/1
2013-06-26 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added support for parsing yang models with alrea...
2013-06-26 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added YANG models for base concepts in the contr...
2013-06-26 Martin VitezAdded support for parsing yang models with already... 19/519/4
2013-06-26 Tony TkacikAdded YANG models for base concepts in the controller 97/497/5
2013-06-26 Jason YePerformance improvements: 21/521/1
2013-06-25 Alessandro... Merge "Bug #25: Installing/removing flows with ".""
2013-06-24 Kalvin HomBug #25: Installing/removing flows with "." 20/520/1
2013-06-24 Alessandro... Merge "Host updates for Topology"
2013-06-22 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyUI Fix: device popup not appearing 17/517/1
2013-06-21 Kalvin HomHost updates for Topology 05/505/2
2013-06-20 Alessandro... Merge "HostTracker StaticHost changes"
2013-06-20 Alessandro... Merge "Extended binding-model-api to support of Enclose...
2013-06-20 Alessandro... Merge "Fix container authorization - front end"
2013-06-20 lsedlakExtended binding-model-api to support of Enclosed Gener... 08/508/2
2013-06-19 Tetsuhiro SatoAdd Packet code for vlan tagged ethernet frames 07/507/1
2013-06-19 Srini SeetharamanEnsuring that SET_DL_* action with openflowj only uses... 06/506/1
2013-06-19 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyFix container authorization - front end 04/504/1
2013-06-19 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added validation of range and length constraints...
2013-06-19 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Fix collateral caused by split of UserManager...
2013-06-19 Kalvin HomHostTracker StaticHost changes 01/501/1
2013-06-18 Alessandro... Fix collateral caused by split of UserManager in api... 99/499/1