2013-06-28 Jozef GloncakAdded following mapping: 22/522/10
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Merge "Added StatusCode to Response.Status Mapping"
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Merge "HA - Cache sync for forwarding.staticrouting"
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Refactor ForwardingRulesmanager 18/518/4
2013-06-27 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bumped version of YANG tools to 0.5.3-SNAPSHOT"
2013-06-27 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed bug in GeneratedPropertyBuilderImpl."
2013-06-27 lsedlakFixed bug in GeneratedPropertyBuilderImpl. 29/529/1
2013-06-27 Tony TkacikBumped version of YANG tools to 0.5.3-SNAPSHOT 27/527/1
2013-06-27 Pramila SinghAdded StatusCode to Response.Status Mapping 25/525/1
2013-06-27 Alessandro... Topology discovery is broken in Active/Active controllers 26/526/1
2013-06-26 Alessandro... Merge "Performance improvements:"
2013-06-26 Diti BhatiaHA - Cache sync for forwarding.staticrouting 23/523/1
2013-06-26 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added support for parsing yang models with alrea...
2013-06-26 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added YANG models for base concepts in the contr...
2013-06-26 Martin VitezAdded support for parsing yang models with already... 19/519/4
2013-06-26 Tony TkacikAdded YANG models for base concepts in the controller 97/497/5
2013-06-26 Jason YePerformance improvements: 21/521/1
2013-06-25 Alessandro... Merge "Bug #25: Installing/removing flows with ".""
2013-06-24 Kalvin HomBug #25: Installing/removing flows with "." 20/520/1
2013-06-24 Alessandro... Merge "Host updates for Topology"
2013-06-22 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyUI Fix: device popup not appearing 17/517/1
2013-06-21 Kalvin HomHost updates for Topology 05/505/2
2013-06-20 Alessandro... Merge "HostTracker StaticHost changes"
2013-06-20 Alessandro... Merge "Extended binding-model-api to support of Enclose...
2013-06-20 Alessandro... Merge "Fix container authorization - front end"
2013-06-20 lsedlakExtended binding-model-api to support of Enclosed Gener... 08/508/2
2013-06-19 Tetsuhiro SatoAdd Packet code for vlan tagged ethernet frames 07/507/1
2013-06-19 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyFix container authorization - front end 04/504/1
2013-06-19 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added validation of range and length constraints...
2013-06-19 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Fix collateral caused by split of UserManager...
2013-06-19 Kalvin HomHostTracker StaticHost changes 01/501/1
2013-06-18 Alessandro... Fix collateral caused by split of UserManager in api... 99/499/1
2013-06-18 Madhu VenugopalThe reverse method in Match clones the current object... 96/496/1
2013-06-18 Andrew KimUpdate visual topology adjacency data structure 95/495/1
2013-06-17 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Adding container authorization code in web bundles"
2013-06-17 Giovanni MeoFix CacheUpdateAware mechanism in 93/493/1
2013-06-17 Martin VitezAdded validation of range and length constraints. 92/492/1
2013-06-15 Alessandro... Merge "Recent Usermanager impl and api split broke...
2013-06-15 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add IfNewHostNotify to DeviceManager"
2013-06-15 Madhu VenugopalRecent Usermanager impl and api split broke Web UI... 91/491/1
2013-06-15 Alessandro... Adding container authorization code in web bundles 90/490/1
2013-06-14 Bhushan KanekarMerge "Changed sun_coding_style.xml to have 120 line...
2013-06-14 Ed WarnickeChanged sun_coding_style.xml to have 120 line wrap... 89/489/1
2013-06-14 Ed WarnickeMerge "Disable unit tests on integration tests plugin"
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoDisable unit tests on integration tests plugin 88/488/2
2013-06-14 Ed WarnickeMerge "Parents pom distribution"
2013-06-14 Kalvin HomAdd IfNewHostNotify to DeviceManager 84/484/2
2013-06-14 Jason YeMerge "Enable checkstyle for other non-source files"
2013-06-14 patrichuSubnets Northbound integration tests. 85/485/5
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoEnable checkstyle for other non-source files 74/474/2
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Bumped version of YANG tools to 0.5.2-SNAPSHOT"
2013-06-14 Tony TkacikBumped version of YANG tools to 0.5.2-SNAPSHOT 87/487/2
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Configuration integrationtest to test save confi...
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Rooted out the last of the ReflectionToStringBui...
2013-06-14 Dheeraj UppalapatiConfiguration integrationtest to test save config funct... 83/483/9
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Added support for source code generation from...
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Generation of Notifications and RPCs from YANG"
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Added Static Routing Northbound integration...
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "HostTracker Fixes"
2013-06-14 Martin VitezAdded support for source code generation from identity... 78/478/2
2013-06-14 Ed WarnickeRooted out the last of the ReflectionToStringBuilder... 24/424/3
2013-06-14 taochangCorrection for TopologyManager jUNIT test. Arguments... 70/470/2
2013-06-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Separate UserManager into api and implementation...
2013-06-14 patrichuAdded Static Routing Northbound integration tests for... 71/471/2
2013-06-14 Tony TkacikGeneration of Notifications and RPCs from YANG 80/480/2
2013-06-14 taochangSeparate UserManager into api and implementation bundles 68/468/2
2013-06-13 Kalvin HomHostTracker Fixes 81/481/2
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix bulk sync in SwitchMananger."
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "HostTracker Bundle Separation"
2013-06-13 Jason YeFix bulk sync in SwitchMananger. 79/479/1
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "Added Support for conversion yang binary type...
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fixed schema path of types in augment statements...
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fixed platform dependant bugs in maven plugin"
2013-06-13 lsedlakAdded Support for conversion yang binary type to java... 77/477/1
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "removing DataPacketService's receive queue"
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "UserManager as role coordinator"
2013-06-13 Colin Dixonremoving DataPacketService's receive queue 59/459/2
2013-06-13 Martin VitezFixed schema path of types in augment statements. 75/475/1
2013-06-13 patrichuSwitchNorthbound tests 50/450/3
2013-06-13 Maros MarsalekFixed platform dependant bugs in maven plugin 73/473/1
2013-06-12 Alessandro... UserManager as role coordinator 67/467/1
2013-06-12 Kalvin HomHostTracker Bundle Separation 66/466/6
2013-06-12 lsedlakAdded Support for Union Type def resolving and bug... 65/465/3
2013-06-12 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Checkstyle enforcer"
2013-06-12 Giovanni MeoMerge "Yang-maven-plugin refactored and config attribut...
2013-06-12 Giovanni MeoCheckstyle enforcer 57/457/3
2013-06-12 Martin VitezFixed bug in parser in augment resolving process. 63/463/2
2013-06-12 Martin VitezFixed parsing of typedef statement. Refactored YangPars... 56/456/2
2013-06-11 Giovanni MeoParents pom distribution 58/458/1
2013-06-11 Maros MarsalekYang-maven-plugin refactored and config attributes... 44/444/6
2013-06-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Updated example with OF model done during HackFest."
2013-06-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Samples/maven-code-gen-sample pom.xml updated...
2013-06-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Modified construction of built-in yang types."
2013-06-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Adding Set Next Hop action"
2013-06-10 Maros MarsalekSamples/maven-code-gen-sample pom.xml updated after... 53/453/1
2013-06-10 Jason YeMerge "Manual link addition feature assumes Long for...
2013-06-10 Madhu VenugopalFixed Openflow InventoryService to return the property... 52/452/1
2013-06-10 Madhu VenugopalManual link addition feature assumes Long for Switch... 51/451/1
2013-06-08 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Revert "Checkstyle enforcer""
2013-06-08 Ed WarnickeRevert "Checkstyle enforcer" 49/449/1