2013-12-11 Martin Bobakremoved parent dependency on pax-exam-container-native 38/3638/3
2013-12-10 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed deserialization of IdentityRefs in Restcon...
2013-12-10 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bug 211 - Fixed codec generation when transitive...
2013-12-10 Tony TkacikFixed deserialization of IdentityRefs in Restconf URI. 12/3612/2
2013-12-10 Tony TkacikBug 211 - Fixed codec generation when transitive depend... 11/3611/3
2013-12-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Controller ignores switch, if no ports are present"
2013-12-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fixing a recent breakage in Flow programmer...
2013-12-10 Madhu VenugopalFixing a recent breakage in Flow programmer introduced... 03/3603/1
2013-12-10 Alessandro... User manager to hash with SHA-384 82/3482/5
2013-12-10 Alessandro... Deleting the Default subnet gateway returns success 79/3479/6
2013-12-09 Alessandro... Adding of specific flow validation in of plugin 93/3493/4
2013-12-09 Tony TkacikFix to allow RESTCONF PUTing of Flows 14/3314/14
2013-12-09 Alessandro... Controller ignores switch, if no ports are present 94/3594/2
2013-12-09 Alessandro... Merge "Changed maximumEntries to correct int rather...
2013-12-09 Alessandro... Merge "Prevent password hash from being shown"
2013-12-09 Sapan ShahChange portId to accept a generic data-type 20/3520/3
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added conflict handling between configuration...
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Corrected response status codes from restconf"
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Implementation for enabling remote rpc calls...
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Improved support for default yang statements...
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix for bug 211, where direct write and read...
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix errors reported by pyang"
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Update service references to new format"
2013-12-09 Tony TkacikFix for bug 211, where direct write and read of augment... 36/3536/2
2013-12-09 Ed WarnickeMerge "Validation Issue with DlSrc,DlDst MacAddress"
2013-12-09 Milos FabianAdded conflict handling between configuration and state... 78/3578/2
2013-12-09 msunalCorrected response status codes from restconf 96/3496/2
2013-12-09 Maros MarsalekImproved support for default yang statements in configu... 30/3430/3
2013-12-08 Tony TkacikImplementation for enabling remote rpc calls between... 59/3159/4
2013-12-08 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix a typo in debug message"
2013-12-08 Robert VargaFix errors reported by pyang 60/3560/1
2013-12-08 Robert VargaUpdate service references to new format 57/3557/1
2013-12-08 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed sal-netconf-connector readConfiguration"
2013-12-08 Tony TkacikFixed sal-netconf-connector readConfiguration 72/3472/3
2013-12-08 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed add/delete/modify RPC for group/flow/remov...
2013-12-08 Robert VargaFix a typo in debug message 56/3556/1
2013-12-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added transactions statistics for BI Broker."
2013-12-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Updated xpath pointing to a module instance...
2013-12-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Refactor yang-jmx-generator and -plugin to suppo...
2013-12-07 Tomas OlveckyRefactor persister: Add ability to publish multiple... 67/3467/2
2013-12-07 Prasanna HuddarFixed add/delete/modify RPC for group/flow/remove reach... 51/3551/1
2013-12-07 Gaurav BhagwaniValidation Issue with DlSrc,DlDst MacAddress 46/3546/1
2013-12-07 Pramila SinghFix for adding a static flow with action as OUTPUT... 40/3540/2
2013-12-06 Andrew KimPrevent password hash from being shown 39/3539/1
2013-12-06 Katelyn KasperowiczChanged maximumEntries to correct int rather than long 38/3538/3
2013-12-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "1. Corrected Ip Protocol match field. 2. Added...
2013-12-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "modified group"
2013-12-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "Initial implementation of netconf monitoring...
2013-12-06 Lukas SedlakAdded transactions statistics for BI Broker. 33/3533/1
2013-12-06 Tomas OlveckyRefactor yang-jmx-generator and -plugin to support... 23/3523/4
2013-12-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "Used log instead of exception"
2013-12-06 Deepthi V V1. Corrected Ip Protocol match field. 30/3530/1
2013-12-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix for CLI- AddMDFlow having problem"
2013-12-06 Prasanna Huddarmodified group 12/3512/3
2013-12-06 msunalUsed log instead of exception 22/3522/2
2013-12-06 Anil VishnoiMD-SAL Statistics Manager - Fixed keys of group and... 13/3413/3
2013-12-05 Alessandro... Merge "Arranged the config so that its obvious how...
2013-12-05 Ed WarnickeMerge "netconf-ssh dependency cleanup"
2013-12-05 Ed WarnickeMerge "Common yang and xml loader for tests"
2013-12-05 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed Group and meter id bugs"
2013-12-05 Ed WarnickeArranged the config so that its obvious how to enable... 15/3415/2
2013-12-05 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added multipart table response as notification...
2013-12-05 Ed WarnickeMerge "RestconfImpl.invokeRpc method test"
2013-12-05 Katelyn KasperowiczExposed maximumEntries for TableStatistics to sal 74/3474/2
2013-12-05 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add StatusCode.CREATED"
2013-12-05 Giovanni MeoMerge "On link flap new SimpleForwarding flows are...
2013-12-05 Giovanni MeoMerge "Bug 78 Enable Enqueue action in static flows"
2013-12-05 Maros MarsalekUpdated xpath pointing to a module instance under servi... 05/3505/1
2013-12-05 Gaurav BhagwaniFix for CLI- AddMDFlow having problem 65/3465/3
2013-12-05 Tony TkacikMoved IT code to separate project, Fix for Bug 184... 59/3459/3
2013-12-05 Alessandro... Add StatusCode.CREATED 89/3489/1
2013-12-05 Maros MarsalekInitial implementation of netconf monitoring module... 37/3337/12
2013-12-05 Alessandro... On link flap new SimpleForwarding flows are rejected... 87/3487/1
2013-12-05 Alessandro... Bug 78 Enable Enqueue action in static flows 76/3476/2
2013-12-05 Chi-Vien LyMerge "Added a generic API to return a list of configur...
2013-12-05 Pramila SinghAdded a generic API to return a list of configured... 19/3419/7
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed logging in Statistics Manager to log only...
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed serialization issues with Augments and...
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "client IP/port definition in configuration separ...
2013-12-04 Martin Bobaknetconf-ssh dependency cleanup 47/3447/2
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Created own XML mapper for translation"
2013-12-04 Martin Bobakclient IP/port definition in configuration separation 52/3452/2
2013-12-04 Deepthi V VAdded multipart table response as notification in yang... 43/3443/1
2013-12-04 Jozef GloncakCommon yang and xml loader for tests 41/3441/1
2013-12-04 Jozef GloncakRestconfImpl.invokeRpc method test 34/3434/2
2013-12-04 Martin Bobak- added hello message with client ip and user@host... 87/3387/6
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Update base configuration to expose RPC broker...
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bump model revisions to 2010.09.24.2-SNAPSHOT"
2013-12-04 Prasanna HuddarFixed Group and meter id bugs 29/3429/1
2013-12-04 Tony TkacikFixed logging in Statistics Manager to log only when... 28/3428/1
2013-12-04 Giovanni MeoMerge "Addding a new method to let the clients of clust...
2013-12-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Few Validations for Match/Actios in FRMUtil"
2013-12-03 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add support for BigDecimal to netconf mapping."
2013-12-03 Asad AhmedAddding a new method to let the clients of clustering... 57/3157/6
2013-12-03 Milos FabianAdded documentation generator to yang-maven-plugin. 10/3410/2
2013-12-03 Tony TkacikFixed serialization issues with Augments and java types 12/3412/2
2013-12-03 Robert VargaUpdate base configuration to expose RPC broker service 05/3405/2
2013-12-03 Robert VargaBump model revisions to 2010.09.24.2-SNAPSHOT 06/3406/2
2013-12-03 Maros MarsalekAdd support for BigDecimal to netconf mapping. 04/3404/1
2013-12-03 msunalCreated own XML mapper for translation 44/3344/4