2013-09-17 Shigeru YasudaImplement doesContainerExist(String) so that IT tests... 35/1235/1
2013-09-17 Giovanni MeoRevert "Remove declaring jacoco plugin twice in integra... 32/1232/1
2013-09-17 Alissa BonasRemove declaring jacoco plugin twice in integrationtest... 22/1222/1
2013-09-17 Prasanth PallamreddyBuild fix: Fix bundle type for the bundlescanner.implem... 17/1217/1
2013-09-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "UI support for multiple host per port"
2013-09-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add password recovery procedure for default...
2013-09-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add missing null check in Container name validation"
2013-09-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Address @XmlSeeAlso limitation. Provide the...
2013-09-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Reorder public/private modifiers as per JLS...
2013-09-17 Alessandro... Add missing null check in Container name validation 11/1211/1
2013-09-16 Alessandro... Add password recovery procedure for default admin user 10/1210/1
2013-09-16 Andrew KimUI support for multiple host per port 09/1209/1
2013-09-16 lakshyaFix for Span Port added to a Switch should show port... 08/1208/1
2013-09-16 Prasanth PallamreddyAddress @XmlSeeAlso limitation. Provide the ability... 07/1207/1
2013-09-16 Alessandro... Merge "one.x.troubleshooting is undefined while updatin...
2013-09-16 Sapan Shahone.x.troubleshooting is undefined while updating node... 06/1206/1
2013-09-16 Alissa BonasReorder public/private modifiers as per JLS. (fixes... 03/1203/1
2013-09-16 Giovanni MeoRemove heavy operation in the context of OSGi framework 99/1199/1
2013-09-16 Giovanni MeoMerge "User Manager to hash users passwords"
2013-09-16 Giovanni MeoMerge "Log TLS auth failure"
2013-09-16 Giovanni MeoMerge "improved flow-type model"
2013-09-15 Alessandro... User Manager to hash users passwords 89/1189/1
2013-09-14 Jason YeLog TLS auth failure 86/1186/1
2013-09-13 Andrew KimFix flows detail 85/1185/1
2013-09-13 lakshyaFix for Cannot delete static flow in a container via... 84/1184/2
2013-09-13 Giovanni MeoAddressing gerrit 1182 Madhu's comment 83/1183/1
2013-09-13 Alessandro... Merge "Make FRM to finally distribute the work orders"
2013-09-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix for cache cleanup in protocol plugin on...
2013-09-13 Giovanni MeoMake FRM to finally distribute the work orders 82/1182/1
2013-09-13 Michal Rehakimproved flow-type model 75/1175/2
2013-09-12 Andrew KimFix modal session timeout 74/1174/1
2013-09-12 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyUI: Reset the scroll-bar to the top of modal 73/1173/1
2013-09-12 Pramila SinghFix for cache cleanup in protocol plugin on container... 70/1170/1
2013-09-12 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Supply from filesystem infinispan configuration"
2013-09-12 Madhu VenugopalMerge "FRMsync get stuck, miscelaneous fix"
2013-09-12 Giovanni MeoSupply from filesystem infinispan configuration 68/1168/1
2013-09-12 Giovanni MeoMerge "Refactor SubnetConfig"
2013-09-12 Alessandro... Refactor SubnetConfig 60/1160/3
2013-09-12 Madhu VenugopalAdded Configurable parameter for the Connection Manager... 67/1167/1
2013-09-12 Giovanni MeoMerge "On container removal FRM does not uninstall...
2013-09-12 Giovanni MeoMerge "Declare a property for commons-lang version...
2013-09-12 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add helper class for RpcError interface"
2013-09-12 Giovanni MeoFRMsync get stuck, miscelaneous fix 65/1165/1
2013-09-12 Madhu VenugopalContainer Management and associated Northbound APIs. 64/1164/3
2013-09-11 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyFix NPEs on switch disconnect in cluster mode 53/1153/2
2013-09-11 Alessandro... Merge "Add page loading semaphore"
2013-09-11 Alessandro... Merge "Bug #65 - Fix inconsistencies in the NB REST...
2013-09-11 Alessandro... On container removal FRM does not uninstall flows 59/1159/1
2013-09-11 Andrew KimAdd page loading semaphore 50/1150/2
2013-09-11 Alessandro... Merge "Remove unused class member SAVE."
2013-09-11 Alessandro... Merge "Remove public from interface methods. Cleans...
2013-09-11 Alissa BonasDeclare a property for commons-lang version in poms... 58/1158/1
2013-09-11 Alissa BonasRemove unused class member SAVE. 57/1157/1
2013-09-11 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix a ClassNotFoundException raised during demar...
2013-09-11 Michal RehakAdd helper class for RpcError interface 41/1141/3
2013-09-11 Alessandro... Merge "Add curly braces to if/else statements. (sonar)"
2013-09-10 Prasanth PallamreddyBug #65 - Fix inconsistencies in the NB REST APIs 49/1149/2
2013-09-10 Alissa BonasRemove public from interface methods. Cleans sonar... 47/1147/1
2013-09-10 Alissa BonasAdd curly braces to if/else statements. (sonar) 24/1124/4
2013-09-10 Giovanni MeoFix a ClassNotFoundException raised during demarshalling 45/1145/1
2013-09-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Replace exception.printStacktrace with write...
2013-09-10 Madhu VenugopalBug #60 : JSON list responses from the NB-APIs returns... 31/1131/3
2013-09-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Remove redundant class members, turn others...
2013-09-10 Giovanni MeoMerge "Remove java.lang redundant imports. Taken from...
2013-09-10 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added NOTICE file"
2013-09-09 Tony TkacikUpdated models, modeling existing SAL and its functionality 39/1139/2
2013-09-09 Andrew KimMerge "Display Confirmation dialog before removing...
2013-09-09 Alessandro... Merge "Fix for exceptions seen in FlowProgrammer NB...
2013-09-09 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add snapshots/releases setting to all maven...
2013-09-09 Alissa BonasReplace exception.printStacktrace with write to log. 34/1134/1
2013-09-09 Giovanni MeoMerge "- DiscoveryService yields to avoid hogging the...
2013-09-08 Andrew KimFix cluster menu 18/1118/2
2013-09-08 Alissa BonasRemove redundant class members, turn others to local... 23/1123/1
2013-09-08 Alissa BonasRemove java.lang redundant imports. Taken from sonar. 22/1122/1
2013-09-08 Alissa BonasAdd snapshots/releases setting to all maven repos. 79/1079/3
2013-09-07 Sapan ShahDisplay Confirmation dialog before removing network... 19/1119/1
2013-09-06 Pramila SinghFix for exceptions seen in FlowProgrammer NB, when... 17/1117/1
2013-09-06 Jason Ye- DiscoveryService yields to avoid hogging the cpu 16/1116/1
2013-09-06 Andrew KimAdd Cluster Menu 08/1108/3
2013-09-06 Ed WarnickeAdded NOTICE file 42/1142/1
2013-09-06 Giovanni MeoMerge "Enhancement to switchmanager CLI commands to...
2013-09-06 Giovanni MeoMerge "Bugfix: Exception when adding static host"
2013-09-06 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add sorting to js select.create()"
2013-09-06 Pramila SinghEnhancement to switchmanager CLI commands to display... 09/1109/1
2013-09-05 Giovanni MeoRemove version hard coding in integration tests 03/1103/1
2013-09-05 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyBugfix: Exception when adding static host 02/1102/4
2013-09-05 Madhu VenugopalMerge "SwitchManager NB - Added URL info in response...
2013-09-04 Alessandro... Add sorting to js select.create() 01/1101/1
2013-09-04 Diti BhatiaSwitchManager NB - Added URL info in response on succes... 94/1094/1
2013-09-04 Andrew KimCorrect modal ID 91/1091/1
2013-09-04 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Checksum errors seen on some setup while downloa...
2013-09-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "fixing spelling errors"
2013-09-04 Ed WarnickeMerge "Cleaning up code, comments, and documentation...
2013-09-04 Tony TkacikUpdated SAL Flow Models 59/1059/2
2013-09-04 Giovanni MeoChecksum errors seen on some setup while downloading... 42/1042/3
2013-09-04 Giovanni MeoMerge "Updated toaster sample to match new Binding...
2013-09-04 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix "unary operator expected" err in
2013-09-04 Tony TkacikUpdated toaster sample to match new Binding specificati... 86/1086/3
2013-09-03 Chi-Vien LyController network interface enhancements: 82/1082/1
2013-09-03 Alissa BonasFix "unary operator expected" err in line47 81/1081/1