2013-10-01 Alessandro... Fix installInHw handling in FlowConfig 68/1568/1
2013-09-30 Alessandro... Fix build failure in usermanager.implementation 20/1520/3
2013-09-30 Alessandro... Container Manager to expose inContainerMode() 17/1517/2
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasRemove unused local variable in DataPacketService. 85/1485/3
2013-09-30 Giovanni MeoMiscelanous fixes after the release of the artifacts 14/1514/2
2013-09-30 Giovanni MeoAvoid javadoc breakages to break the whole build 15/1515/1
2013-09-30 Hideyuki TaiChanged TopologyManager to ignore edges that contain... 02/1502/2
2013-09-30 Tony TkacikAdded sal-connector-* skeletons (REST connector, MB... 26/1426/5
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasRemove unused private method and unused imports. 95/1395/4
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasRemove unecessary instantiation of Integer 84/1484/3
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasAdd curly braces in for loops in DeviceManagerImpl 82/1482/2
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasAdd curly braces to if statements in StaticRouteConfig 83/1483/2
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasStop concatination inside append of StringBuffer 86/1486/2
2013-09-30 Alissa BonasDeclare junit version and use junit dependencyManagemen... 81/1481/3
2013-09-30 Jozef GloncakFrom SAL conversion test. 52/1452/3
2013-09-30 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyFix Authorization class to be compatible with using... 91/1491/3
2013-09-30 Prasanna HuddarPort and statistics models updated. 69/1469/3
2013-09-30 Giovanni MeoRevert "Changed TopologyManager to ignore edges that... 99/1499/2
2013-09-30 Giovanni MeoMerge "Changed TopologyManager to ignore edges that...
2013-09-29 Asad AhmedCall the flow programmer synchronously but in a different 90/1490/1
2013-09-29 jenkins-controller[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-09-29 jenkins-controller[maven-release-plugin] prepare release releasepom-0.1.0 releasepom-0.1.0
2013-09-29 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Move host refresh related variable from SwitchMa...
2013-09-29 Maurice QureshiMove host refresh related variable from SwitchManager... 80/1480/1
2013-09-28 Andrew KimUI: Change TOS to ToS 79/1479/1
2013-09-28 Giovanni MeoMerge "CORS support for ContainerManager Northbound...
2013-09-27 Alessandro... Fix bug in FRM 75/1475/2
2013-09-27 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Decouple IContainerListener to avoid parallel...
2013-09-27 Madhu VenugopalCORS support for ContainerManager Northbound APIs 70/1470/1
2013-09-27 Alessandro... Decouple IContainerListener to avoid parallel computati... 68/1468/1
2013-09-27 Hideyuki TaiChanged TopologyManager to ignore edges that contain... 50/1450/1
2013-09-27 Madhu VenugopalJGroups AUTH handler in Clustering Services 57/1457/1 topic/codeshare/of1.3
2013-09-27 Alessandro... Merge "Introduce ASYNC caches and use them in FRM"
2013-09-27 Alessandro... Merge "Update devices page"
2013-09-27 Alessandro... Merge "Make FRM cleanup only local entries"
2013-09-26 Alessandro... Merge "In case of an error event, cleanup the config...
2013-09-26 Asad AhmedIn case of an error event, cleanup the config too 49/1449/1
2013-09-26 Andrew KimUpdate devices page 28/1428/2
2013-09-26 Giovanni MeoMake FRM cleanup only local entries 45/1445/1
2013-09-26 Giovanni MeoMerge "To SAL conversion test."
2013-09-26 Madhu VenugopalPorting Tristate logic to SAL Connection Service and... 31/1431/1
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoFix wrong dependency 29/1429/1
2013-09-25 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Silent false positive, and enhance real error...
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoMerge "Stop overriding method just to call super."
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoMerge "Stop creating new Boolean, move to use valueOf...
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add SCM section to all the poms"
2013-09-25 Jozef GloncakTo SAL conversion test. 24/1424/1
2013-09-25 Alissa BonasDeclare version property for maven bundle plugin, reuse... 41/1341/3
2013-09-25 Alissa BonasStop overriding method just to call super. 17/1417/1
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoAdd SCM section to all the poms 14/1414/1
2013-09-25 Alissa BonasStop creating new Boolean, move to use valueOf method 12/1412/1
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoMerge "Strong password check to consider underscore...
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoIntroduce ASYNC caches and use them in FRM 10/1410/1
2013-09-25 Giovanni MeoSilent false positive, and enhance real error message 09/1409/1
2013-09-24 Pramila SinghFix: Flows are deleted when another controller is started 06/1406/1
2013-09-24 Alessandro... Strong password check to consider underscore as a speci... 05/1405/1
2013-09-24 Giovanni MeoMerge "Add to jboss repository snapshot and release...
2013-09-24 Giovanni MeoMerge "Remove unused class member SAVE"
2013-09-24 Alissa BonasAdd to jboss repository snapshot and release properties 42/1342/2
2013-09-24 Giovanni MeoTimeout ForwardingRulesManager workOrder 65/1365/2
2013-09-24 Giovanni MeoMerge "Action mapping To|From SAL conversion."
2013-09-24 Giovanni MeoMerge "Added sal-compability to build"
2013-09-24 Tony TkacikAction mapping To|From SAL conversion. 49/1349/3
2013-09-24 Tony TkacikAdded sal-compability to build 46/1346/4
2013-09-24 Alissa BonasAdd project.reporting.outputEncoding property to preven... 54/1354/2
2013-09-24 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Enhance debug capabilities"
2013-09-24 Alissa BonasRemove unused class member SAVE 94/1394/1
2013-09-24 Tony TkacikMoved MD SAL from sal/yang-prototype to md-sal 40/1340/2
2013-09-24 Giovanni MeoEnhance debug capabilities 66/1366/2
2013-09-24 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyFix occasional NPEs in Connection manager 88/1388/1
2013-09-24 Andrew KimMerge "UI: Fix broken html literals"
2013-09-24 Alessandro... Merge "Minor log msg changes"
2013-09-23 Asad AhmedAdded null check in FRM error handling and also formatt... 84/1384/1
2013-09-23 Jason YeMinor log msg changes 71/1371/1
2013-09-23 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyUI: Fix broken html literals 68/1368/2
2013-09-23 Giovanni MeoMerge "Remove unused spring dependency and wrong versi...
2013-09-23 Alissa BonasRemove unused spring dependency and wrong version... 62/1362/1
2013-09-23 Ryan MoatsInitial push of Neutron interface 94/1294/8
2013-09-23 Alissa BonasMove mockito to dependencyManagement section in parent... 38/1338/2
2013-09-23 Giovanni MeoMerge "Declare osgi.core.version in one pom and reuse...
2013-09-23 Giovanni MeoMerge "Move init and destroy empty impl from Activator...
2013-09-23 Alissa BonasDeclare osgi.core.version in one pom and reuse it. 37/1337/2
2013-09-22 Alissa BonasMove init and destroy empty impl from Activator classes... 27/1327/1
2013-09-22 Giovanni MeoMerge "Removing the Container Aware dependency from...
2013-09-22 Giovanni MeoMerge "FRM to remove flows on switchport admin down"
2013-09-22 Giovanni MeoMerge "Conversion class FromSalConversionsUtils."
2013-09-22 Madhu VenugopalRemoving the Container Aware dependency from Clustering... 26/1326/1
2013-09-21 Andrew KimFix NPE in visual topology 24/1324/1
2013-09-21 Alessandro... FRM to remove flows on switchport admin down 16/1316/2
2013-09-21 Chi-Vien LyChange the member isValid in class MatchField non-trans... 23/1323/1
2013-09-21 Chi-Vien LyFRM uses "Start Level Thread" to handle container... 22/1322/1
2013-09-20 Asad AhmedCouple of changes 21/1321/1
2013-09-20 mrajvaidCherry-picked and merged modified JavaDocs for northbou... 19/1319/1
2013-09-20 Alessandro... Merge "Few debug enhancements to debug hashing issues"
2013-09-20 Alessandro... Merge "Fix: IPProtocols not parsing correctly"
2013-09-20 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix multi-host caching in visual topology"
2013-09-20 Madhu VenugopalReverting the FRM WorkOrder caches to NON_TRANSACTIONAL 15/1315/1
2013-09-20 Jozef GloncakConversion class FromSalConversionsUtils. 10/1310/1
2013-09-20 Yevgeny KhodorkovskyFix: IPProtocols not parsing correctly 04/1304/3
2013-09-20 Andrew KimMerge "In Firefox DropDown sub menus will have the...