descriptionRelease Engineering Build infrastructure (Jenkins Job Builder, Packer, etc)
ownerGerrit Service User
last changeMon, 15 Jul 2019 17:20:48 +0000 (13:20 -0400)
35 hours ago Thanh HaAdd jsonrpc docs jobs 50/83050/1 master
4 days ago JayaPrAdd stein devstack image 30/83030/1
12 days ago Luis GomezMerge "Update test jobs for ODL Fluorine SR3 release"
13 days ago Thanh Ha (zxiiro)Merge "Update cloud image list docs"
13 days ago Jamo LuhrsenMerge "Auto Update CSIT Jobs to run for neon"
13 days ago jenkins-relengUpdate cloud image list docs 09/82909/1
2019-07-02 jenkins-relengAuto Update CSIT Jobs to run for neon 02/82902/1
2019-07-02 jenkins-relengAuto Update CSIT Jobs to run for sodium 01/82901/1
2019-07-02 Thanh HaUpdate JamO's email address 00/82900/1
2019-07-02 Thanh Ha (zxiiro)Merge "Add gre type driver for dc-gw and tdd cases"
2019-07-02 Anil BelurUpdate test jobs for ODL Fluorine SR3 release 80/82880/1
2019-07-02 Anil BelurUpdate global-jjb to v0.39.0 75/82875/1
2019-07-02 Anil BelurAdd missing disabled var to templates 74/82874/1
2019-07-02 Anil BelurMerge "Add disable-job var to packaging templates"
2019-07-01 Anil BelurAdd disable-job var to packaging templates 73/82873/2
2019-07-01 Anil BelurStrip git2u packages from devstack rocky 63/82763/4
20 months ago release/carbon-sr2 OpenDaylight Carbon-SR2 release
21 months ago release/nitrogen OpenDaylight Nitrogen release
2 years ago release/boron-sr4 OpenDaylight Boron-SR4 release
2 years ago release/carbon OpenDaylight Carbon release
2 years ago release/boron-sr3 OpenDaylight Boron-SR3 release
2 years ago release/boron-sr2 OpenDaylight Boron-SR2 release
2 years ago release/boron-sr1 OpenDaylight Boron-SR1 release
2 years ago release/beryllium-sr4 OpenDaylight Beryllium-SR4 release
2 years ago release/boron OpenDaylight Boron release
2 years ago release/beryllium-sr3 OpenDaylight Beryllium-SR3 release
3 years ago release/beryllium-sr2 OpenDaylight Beryllium-SR2 release
3 years ago release/beryllium-sr1 OpenDaylight Beryllium-SR1 release
3 years ago release/lithium-sr4 OpenDaylight Lithium-SR4 release
3 years ago release/lithium-sr3 OpenDaylight Lithium-SR3 release
3 years ago release/lithium-sr2 OpenDaylight Lithium-SR2 release
3 years ago release/beryllium OpenDaylight Beryllium release
35 hours ago master

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