Remove sal.core.api.RpcRoutingContext 89/73889/1
authorRobert Varga <>
Tue, 10 Jul 2018 17:39:35 +0000 (19:39 +0200)
committerRobert Varga <>
Tue, 10 Jul 2018 17:39:35 +0000 (19:39 +0200)
Remove sal.core.api.RpcRoutingContext

This class is not used anywhere, remove it.

Change-Id: Ibaad5ad39fe1726016c87b4d1c01660b1f301613
Signed-off-by: Robert Varga <>
opendaylight/md-sal/sal-dom-api/src/main/java/org/opendaylight/controller/sal/core/api/ [deleted file]

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