descriptionOpenDaylight controller
ownerGerrit Service User
last changeWed, 5 Aug 2020 14:31:07 +0000 (20:01 +0530)
4 hours ago Nikhil SoniDoc update for "Extend Websocket streams for data-less... 86/91886/1 master
2 days ago Robert VargaInstantiate distributed datastore asynchronously 95/91795/8
5 days ago Robert VargaRefactor DataStore readiness tracking 94/91794/2
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert netty-timer-config to OSGi DS 78/91778/2
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert netty-event-executor-config to OSGi DS 77/91777/2
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert sal-distributed-eos to OSGi DS 72/91772/2
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert sal-distributed-datastore to OSGi DS 70/91770/4
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert FileModuleShardConfigProvider to OSGi DS 56/91756/3
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert DatastoreSnapshotRestore to OSGi DS 23/91723/6
7 days ago Robert VargaMigrate DatastoreContextIntrospectorFactory to OSGi DS 97/91397/3
10 days ago Robert VargaBump versions to 2.0.4-SNAPSHOT 58/91658/1
10 days ago tadei.bilanAdd optional lz4 compression for snapshots 92/90092/27
10 days ago Tomas CereAdd optional timeout parameter for backup rpc 05/89905/8
12 days ago Robert VargaBump odlparent/yangtools/mdsal to 7.0.5/5.0.5/6.0.4 01/91601/1
2020-07-20 Thanh HaDo not fail on warnings for docs-linkcheck 92/91192/2
2020-07-18 Robert VargaSpeed up DatastoreContextIntrospector a bit 96/91396/2
10 days ago v2.0.3 controller v2.0.3
7 weeks ago v2.0.2 controller v2.0.2
2 months ago v2.0.1 controller v2.0.1
2 months ago release/sodium-sr3 OpenDaylight Sodium-SR3 release
2 months ago release/magnesium-sr1 OpenDaylight Magnesium-SR1 release
3 months ago v2.0.0 controller v2.0.0
4 months ago release/magnesium OpenDaylight Magnesium release
5 months ago release/sodium-sr2 OpenDaylight Sodium-SR2 release
7 months ago release/neon-sr3 OpenDaylight Neon-SR3 release
9 months ago release/sodium-sr1 OpenDaylight Sodium-SR1 release
10 months ago release/sodium OpenDaylight Sodium release
11 months ago release/neon-sr2 OpenDaylight Neon-SR2 release
13 months ago release/fluorine-sr3 OpenDaylight Fluorine-SR3 release
14 months ago release/neon-sr1 OpenDaylight Neon-SR1 release
16 months ago release/neon OpenDaylight Neon release
17 months ago release/fluorine-sr2 OpenDaylight Fluorine-SR2 release
4 hours ago master
11 days ago stable/sodium
2 weeks ago stable/magnesium
7 months ago stable/neon
11 months ago stable/fluorine
18 months ago stable/oxygen
2 years ago stable/nitrogen
2 years ago stable/carbon
2 years ago stable/boron
3 years ago stable/beryllium
4 years ago stable/lithium
5 years ago stable/helium
6 years ago stable/hydrogen
6 years ago topic/clustering
6 years ago stable/hydrogen-backup
6 years ago topic/codeshare/of1.3

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