descriptionOpenDaylight controller
ownerGerrit Service User
last changeTue, 16 Jul 2019 09:14:06 +0000 (09:14 +0000)
19 hours ago Robert VargaRaise EOS unsuccessful request reporting to error 90/82990/3 master
19 hours ago Robert VargaEnforce RegisterListenerLocal arguments 89/82989/3
37 hours ago Tomas CereChange remaining SnapshotSelectionCriteria to prioritiz... 17/83017/2
6 days ago Robert VargaFurther Guava Optional cleanups 09/83009/6
6 days ago Robert VargaMigrate most of CDS to use java.util.Optional 07/83007/6
6 days ago Robert VargaUse OptionalLong to track enqueue time 06/83006/5
6 days ago Robert VargaUse OptionalLong in AbstractClientConnection 05/83005/5
6 days ago Robert VargaMigrate ShardDataTree to use OptionalLong 04/83004/5
6 days ago Robert VargaMigrate InstallSnapshot/SnapshotTracker use of Optional 03/83003/5
6 days ago Robert VargaConvert MessageTracker to use java.util.Optional 02/83002/3
6 days ago Robert VargaMigrate ActorUtils to java.util.Optional 01/83001/3
6 days ago Robert VargaUse OptionalInt in FlexibleThreadPoolWrapper 00/83000/1
8 days ago Robert VargaUpgrade jmh-core 62/82962/4
8 days ago Robert VargaMigrate to MD-SAL APIs 63/82963/3
8 days ago Robert VargaDo not depend on odl-mdsal-broker-local 59/82959/2
8 days ago Robert VargaRemove odl-mdsal-all 58/82958/2
3 weeks ago release/fluorine-sr3 OpenDaylight Fluorine-SR3 release
2 months ago release/neon-sr1 OpenDaylight Neon-SR1 release
3 months ago release/neon OpenDaylight Neon release
5 months ago release/fluorine-sr2 OpenDaylight Fluorine-SR2 release
7 months ago release/oxygen-sr4 OpenDaylight Oxygen-SR4 release
7 months ago release/fluorine-sr1 OpenDaylight Fluorine-SR1 release
10 months ago release/fluorine OpenDaylight Fluorine release
11 months ago release/oxygen-sr3 OpenDaylight Oxygen-SR3 release
13 months ago release/oxygen-sr2 OpenDaylight Oxygen-SR2 release
14 months ago release/nitrogen-sr3 OpenDaylight Nitrogen-SR3 release
14 months ago release/carbon-sr4 OpenDaylight Carbon-SR4 release
14 months ago release/oxygen-sr1 OpenDaylight Oxygen-SR1 release
15 months ago release/oxygen OpenDaylight Oxygen release
16 months ago release/carbon-sr3 OpenDaylight Carbon-SR3 release
16 months ago release/nitrogen-sr2 OpenDaylight Nitrogen-SR2 release
19 months ago release/nitrogen-sr1 OpenDaylight Nitrogen-SR1 release
18 hours ago stable/neon
19 hours ago master
3 weeks ago stable/fluorine
5 months ago stable/oxygen
14 months ago stable/nitrogen
14 months ago stable/carbon
22 months ago stable/boron
2 years ago stable/beryllium
3 years ago stable/lithium
3 years ago stable/helium
5 years ago stable/hydrogen
5 years ago topic/clustering
5 years ago stable/hydrogen-backup
5 years ago topic/codeshare/of1.3
5 years ago topic/performance/async
6 years ago v0.4.0

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