Anticipate future fix for missing .gitignore in archetypes' projects 06/39106/3
authorMichael Vorburger <>
Thu, 19 May 2016 12:13:59 +0000 (14:13 +0200)
committerTom Pantelis <>
Tue, 14 Jun 2016 22:00:19 +0000 (22:00 +0000)
see (or

BTW: The current solution in
doesn't seem to work (for me; I don't get a .gitignore ..). At least
with this it will work when we'll upgrade from current
maven-resources-plugin 2.7 to 3.0 (not yet released) some time in the

PS: The removed /config/.gitignore is an unrelated minor clean.

Change-Id: I3d7d8708eb128d975879094f3775439e11721668
Signed-off-by: Michael Vorburger <>
opendaylight/config/config-api/.gitignore [deleted file]

index b22b37c..c1b7463 100644 (file)
+    <plugins>
+      <plugin>
+          <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId>
+          <artifactId>maven-resources-plugin</artifactId>
+          <configuration>
+            <!-- Required so that .gitignore gets included in archetypes; see -->
+            <addDefaultExcludes>false</addDefaultExcludes>
+          </configuration>
+      </plugin>
+    </plugins>
diff --git a/opendaylight/config/config-api/.gitignore b/opendaylight/config/config-api/.gitignore
deleted file mode 100644 (file)
index 6590c79..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,4 +0,0 @@

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