Merge "Update SubnetConfig Validation"
[controller.git] / .gitignore
2013-11-29 Ed WarnickeMerge "Resolved namespace from input data"
2013-11-29 Ed WarnickeMerge "removed config-util from pax-exam minimum bundle...
2013-11-29 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add support for enums as configuration attribute...
2013-11-29 Ed WarnickeMerge changes Ia268965a,Iefa79f99
2013-11-29 Ed WarnickeMerge "Choice and case resolving in JSON output"
2013-11-29 Giovanni MeoMerge "Revert "Fix bug 171. EchoReply payload must...
2013-11-28 Alessandro BochMerge "Re-Enable the pax-exam execution in Eclipse"
2013-11-28 Ed WarnickeMerge "Refactor persister. Remove obsolete TLS netconf...
2013-11-28 Tomas OlveckyRefactor persister. 23/3123/6
2013-11-12 Alessandro BochMerge "Modified APIs, user creation will use POST opera...
2013-11-12 Alessandro BochMerge "Bring some reliability in the eclipse and maven...
2013-11-12 Giovanni MeoBring some reliability in the eclipse and maven mixed... 79/2679/1
2013-10-16 Ed WarnickeFix .gitignore to ignore xtend-gen directories 17/1917/2
2013-10-03 Colin DixonAdding xtend-gen directories to .gitignore 19/1619/2
2013-08-31 Madhu VenugopalMerge "toaster-it: add missing version for maven-paxexa...
2013-08-31 Madhu VenugopalMerge "yang-prototype: add missing version for maven...
2013-08-30 Alessandro BochMerge "Few additional fixes to enable Client script...
2013-08-30 Ed WarnickeFixed .gitignore around bin/ directories 65/1065/1
2013-08-27 Alessandro BochMerge "Misc fix for some error seen during IT and javadoc"
2013-08-27 Alessandro BochMerge "On ARPHandler restart Threads are left dangling...
2013-08-27 Giovanni MeoMerge changes I5809ac06,I4362cd4e
2013-08-27 Alissa BonasAdded Intellij files to gitignore 26/1026/1
2013-06-14 Ed WarnickeMerge "Parents pom distribution"
2013-06-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix bulk sync in SwitchMananger."
2013-06-12 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Checkstyle enforcer"
2013-06-12 Giovanni MeoCheckstyle enforcer 57/457/3
2013-06-08 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Revert "Checkstyle enforcer""
2013-06-08 Ed WarnickeRevert "Checkstyle enforcer" 49/449/1
2013-06-08 Ed WarnickeMerge "Checkstyle enforcer"
2013-06-08 Giovanni MeoCheckstyle enforcer 47/447/2
2013-05-20 Giovanni MeoMerge changes I02c2af4b,If6adaabc,I559b92ff
2013-05-18 David EricksonChange generated MANIFEST.MF location 62/362/1
2013-03-22 Giovanni MeoInitial opendaylight infrastructure commit!! 67/67/1