Reduce use of deprecated methods
[controller.git] / benchmark / dsbenchmark / src / main / java / org / opendaylight / dsbenchmark / txchain /
2018-08-04 Robert VargaReduce use of deprecated methods 03/74803/2
2017-05-15 Stephen Kittdsbenchmark: final parameters 04/56904/2
2017-05-02 Vratko PolakDowngrade most info messages in benchmarks 96/56396/1
2017-04-26 Robert VargaBUG-7390: fix dsbenchmark 11/56111/2
2016-09-20 JanAdded the 'number of data changes' parameter to dsbench... 48/45848/2
2016-01-05 Jan MedvedAdded support for multiple data store types to DOM... 99/31399/5
2016-01-04 Jan MedvedAdding multiple data store capabilities to the Tx-Chain... 46/31246/3
2015-12-14 Jan MedvedAdded support for data store type (OPERATIONAL or CONFI... 40/31240/3
2015-11-06 Jan MedvedAdded the data store benchmark (dsbenchmark, Bug 4519... 53/29353/3

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