Bug 6027 - Can't start karaf using symbolic link
[controller.git] / karaf / opendaylight-karaf-resources / src / main / resources / bin / karaf
2016-07-25 Alexis de TalhouëtBug 6027 - Can't start karaf using symbolic link 82/39982/12
2016-06-29 Lorand JakabFix karaf regression introduced in Gerrit 40775 89/40889/2
2016-06-24 danipeonEnable Java installation in folder with spaces 75/40775/3
2016-06-09 Alexis de TalhouëtBug 6030 - "karaf" script invokes /bin/sh but requires... 71/40071/2
2016-05-31 Robert VargaEnforce Java 8 runtime 63/39063/5
2016-05-11 Vratko PolakMake Karaf dump heap on OOM by default 53/38653/2
2016-02-05 Lorand JakabJVM8: Remove PermSize and MaxPermSize options 25/34125/1
2015-06-15 Maros MarsalekBUG-3553 Introduce custom java.security config file 66/22566/3
2015-05-07 Tony TkacikMerge "Add missing copyright text"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG 2820 - LLDP refactor"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2820 - LLDP TLV support and testing"
2015-05-05 Tony TkacikMerge "Bug 2820 - problem to add second TLV with type...
2015-04-30 Tony TkacikMerge "BUG-2288: deprecate old binding Notification...
2015-04-27 Tony TkacikMerge "Event Source: switch from wildcards to regexs"
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Cleanup: Remove passing around of DataPersistenc...
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Address comment in gerrit 17266"
2015-04-21 Moiz RajaMerge "Bug 2948: Perform create snapshot synchronously"
2015-04-17 Tom PantelisMerge "Notification Listener Adapter uses NotificationL...
2015-04-16 Ed WarnickeMerge "Bug 2358: Fixed warnings in Restconf"
2015-04-15 Ed WarnickeBug 2907 - corrections for upgrade to karaf 3.0.3 93/15393/7
2015-01-09 Tom PantelisMerge "Fix compilation warnings: replace deprecated...
2015-01-08 Tom PantelisMerge "Fix compilation warnings: replace deprecated...
2015-01-07 Tony TkacikMerge "Add timeout to netconf IT test"
2015-01-07 Tony TkacikMerge changes I4ec0efd7,Ia2619921
2015-01-07 Tony TkacikMerge "Add better error reporting to ConfigSnapshot...
2015-01-07 Tony TkacikMerge "Fail on validation of checkstyle set to true"
2015-01-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix test case mis-spelling."
2015-01-06 Tom PantelisMerge "Fix Akka exception: cannot use non-static local...
2015-01-06 Moiz RajaMerge "Bug 2526: Race condition may cause missing route...
2015-01-05 Anil VishnoiMerge "Bug 2158: Fixed TopologyManager for edge updates."
2014-12-23 Moiz RajaMerge "Introducing karaf-parent (and also group karaf...
2014-12-23 Ed WarnickeIntroducing karaf-parent (and also group karaf things) 84/13484/5

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