Format startup archetype much more nicely, and clean up stuff
[controller.git] / opendaylight / archetypes / opendaylight-startup / src / main / resources / archetype-resources / it / pom.xml
2016-05-31 Michael VorburgerFormat startup archetype much more nicely, and clean... 75/39175/2
2016-03-11 Thanh HaImprove formatting for visual satisfaction 18/36018/4
2016-01-15 Thanh HaBumping versions by 0.1.0 for next dev cycle 90/32690/1
2015-10-28 Ed WarnickeFix small bug in startup archetype 99/28899/2
2015-09-17 Flavio FernandesSplit {copyright} into {copyright-year} and {copyright} 41/26941/5
2015-07-29 Ed WarnickeChanges to startup archetype to incorporate IT testing 59/24559/7

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