Merge "Added Inventory Reader for SwitchManager"
[controller.git] / opendaylight / config /
2013-11-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added Inventory Reader for SwitchManager"
2013-11-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added configuration modules and closeable wrappe...
2013-11-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Unification of broker concepts implementations"
2013-11-07 Milos FabianAdded configuration modules and closeable wrappers... 01/2501/1
2013-11-07 Giovanni MeoMerge "Ganymed patch fix"
2013-11-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added AsyncEvenBus and EventBus configuration...
2013-11-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added MD-SAL Topology Reader for reading and...
2013-11-07 Milos FabianAdded AsyncEvenBus and EventBus configuration modules... 45/2445/4
2013-11-07 Milos FabianThreadpool APIs and thread-related configuration servic... 90/2390/3
2013-11-06 Alissa BonasCreate mvn profile for integrationtests 35/2435/5
2013-11-06 Maros MarsalekFix configuration for default modules 34/2434/3
2013-11-06 Maros MarsalekFixed dependencies for yang-jmx-generator-plugin 29/2429/2
2013-11-06 Ed WarnickeDisabled yang-jmx-generator-plugin until we can figure... 17/2417/2
2013-11-05 Maros MarsalekNetconfClientDispatcher moved to constructor arguments... 79/2379/3
2013-11-05 Ed WarnickeSwitched to using the single group repo from nexus... 13/2313/2
2013-11-04 Alissa BonasFix star import and enable checkstyle rule to prevent it. 07/2307/2
2013-10-30 Maros MarsalekRefactored unreadable test in JMXGeneratorTest. 70/2270/2
2013-10-30 Alissa BonasClean all unused and redundant imports in controller. 74/2274/2
2013-10-30 Maros MarsalekAdded BundleContext reference to generated factories... 49/2249/2
2013-10-30 Milos Fabianlogback-config: added support for FileAppender and... 22/2222/2
2013-10-30 Maros MarsalekAdded support for list, leaf-list and container in... 14/2214/4
2013-10-29 Alissa BonasUse same maven-compiler-plugin version 2.5.1 in all... 52/2252/2
2013-10-29 Alissa BonasAdd release/snapshot property to repositories in poms 41/2241/2
2013-10-25 Maros MarsalekFixed AbstractMockedModule and BaseJMXRegistrator in... 25/2125/5
2013-10-24 Martin Bobakadded implementation of Identifier and Identifiable... 02/2102/4
2013-10-24 Tomas OlveckyAdd ModuleFactory#getDefaultModules method to config... 95/2095/3
2013-10-23 Tomas OlveckyImplement consistency barrier in yang-store-impl. 13/2113/1
2013-10-23 Tomas OlveckyAdd change notification functionality to yang-store. 79/2079/3
2013-10-22 Martin Bobakbump netty to version 4.0.10.Final 67/2067/2
2013-10-21 Tomas OlveckyRemove deprecated methods from config-api. 51/2051/2
2013-10-14 Maros MarsalekInitial code drop of netconf protocol implementation 76/1776/9
2013-10-08 Tony TkacikReworked pom files 21/1721/10
2013-10-07 Milos FabianRemoved yangtools packages from bundles export, cleaned... 49/1649/3
2013-10-07 Tomas OlveckyInital code drop of logback-config. 79/1679/2
2013-10-02 Tony TkacikChanged groupId for FCAPS to org.opendaylight.controller 05/1605/2
2013-10-02 Tomas OlveckyInitial code drop of yang model driven configuration... 62/1462/5

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