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2013-08-28 Giovanni MeoPrepare for mvn release:prepare release:perform operation 78/978/4
2013-08-28 Giovanni MeoMerge "Added an archetype odl-model-project"
2013-08-28 Madhu VenugopalAdded CorsFilter to enable secure cross site scripting 31/1031/1
2013-08-28 Giovanni MeoReverting because it caused instability to the northbou... 29/1029/1
2013-08-28 Madhu VenugopalAdded CorsFilter to enable secure cross site scripting 45/945/3
2013-07-10 Alessandro BochMerge "Maping of union leaf a bits leaf YANG type to...
2013-07-10 Alessandro BochMerge "Added default output directory to CodeGeneratorI...
2013-07-09 Alessandro BochMerge "Fixed bug in maven-yang-plugin."
2013-07-09 Alessandro BochMerge "Added more tests for yang parser. Updated curren...
2013-07-09 Alessandro BochMerge "first implementation of yang-data-api"
2013-07-08 Alessandro BochMerge "Ensuring that SET_DL_* action with openflowj...
2013-06-19 Srini SeetharamanEnsuring that SET_DL_* action with openflowj only uses... 06/506/1
2013-05-20 Giovanni MeoMerge "Formatting cleanup of POM files"
2013-05-20 Giovanni MeoMerge changes I02c2af4b,If6adaabc,I559b92ff
2013-05-18 David EricksonFormatting cleanup of POM files 63/363/1
2013-05-18 David EricksonChange generated MANIFEST.MF location 62/362/1
2013-03-28 Madhu VenugopalMerge "JUnit tests for V6Match Signed-off-by: Kalvin...
2013-03-28 Giovanni MeoMerge "- Removed sitebuildsettings, the deployment...
2013-03-28 Giovanni Meo- Removed sitebuildsettings, the deployment of this... 85/85/1
2013-03-26 Giovanni MeoMerge "Updated registration of Binding Aware notificati...
2013-03-25 Giovanni MeoRemoved license headers erroneously added to openflowJ 74/74/1
2013-03-22 Giovanni MeoInitial opendaylight infrastructure commit!! 67/67/1