2014-01-07 Alessandro... Merge changes I7e42fc60,I6a7335b4,Ie11ee943,Ic48123a3...
2014-01-07 Andrew KimMerge "API for accessing the controller version"
2014-01-07 Tony TkacikBug 267: Fixed augmentation read from configuration... 48/4048/2
2014-01-07 Tony TkacikFixed advanced Netconf client functionality. 38/4038/2
2014-01-07 Ed WarnickeMerge "Support for mount points in Restconf"
2014-01-07 Alessandro... Merge "Updated ContainerFlow to take multiple vlans"
2014-01-07 Tony TkacikSupport for mount points in Restconf 37/4037/2
2014-01-06 Sapan ShahAPI for accessing the controller version 40/4040/1
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added constructor which allows for custom Netcon...
2014-01-06 Tony TkacikAdded constructor which allows for custom NetconfClient... 36/4036/1
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeAdded WADL generation for Models 32/4032/1
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFixed Adapter to correctly pass NodeConnector Properties. 81/3981/2
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFix for Bug 271 31/4031/1
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFix to Topology Adapter to properly handle links coming... 80/3980/2
2014-01-06 Moiz RajaAdd a flow by adding the flow data into the datastore 16/4016/2
2014-01-06 Moiz RajaSet Node on the AddFlowInput and RemoveFlowInput 05/4005/3
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFixed Topology Adapter to properly add Edge Properties 23/4023/2
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeRemoved dead code in LLDPDiscoveryUtil 14/4014/2
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFixed two small FlowAdapter bugs. 09/4009/2
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFixed implementation of getNodeConnectorProps and getNo... 08/4008/2
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeCheck for null srcNodeId and srcNodeConnectorId 04/4004/2
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFixed Node Properties in Adapter - with exceptions... 94/3994/4
2014-01-06 Ed WarnickeFixed adapter handling of Special Node Connectors 82/3982/2
2014-01-04 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Upgrade jackson library to version 2.3.0"
2014-01-03 Alessandro... Merge changes Ib1fb74f6,I532fff58
2014-01-03 Alessandro... Merge changes Idf3f69db,I4499d7c7,I512af911
2014-01-03 Alessandro... Merge "Fixed northbound references to SAL"
2014-01-03 Katelyn KasperowiczUpdated ContainerFlow to take multiple vlans 01/4001/2
2013-12-30 Ed WarnickeRemove links from topology when port goes down 32/3932/3
2013-12-30 Ed WarnickeInitial fix to topology-adapter. 28/3928/2
2013-12-30 Ed WarnickeFix for port-state Bug 262. 29/3929/2
2013-12-30 Ed WarnickeFixed topology-manager now that we have topology-lldp... 27/3927/2
2013-12-30 Ed WarnickeAdded topology-lldp-discovery module 26/3926/2
2013-12-30 Colin McNamaraAdding support for the git-review command line tool 63/3963/1
2013-12-27 Prasanna HuddarFixed the API call to operationDataStore from RuntimeDa... 46/3946/2
2013-12-24 Anil VishnoiMD-SAL Statistics-Manager - Minor fix in augmenting... 13/3913/2
2013-12-24 Alessandro... Merge "Update SubnetConfig Validation"
2013-12-24 Chi-Vien LyMerge "Add some log messages in case controller failed...
2013-12-24 Jason YeAdd some log messages in case controller failed to... 14/3914/2
2013-12-24 Alissa BonasUpgrade jackson library to version 2.3.0 05/3905/10
2013-12-23 Katelyn KasperowiczUpdate SubnetConfig Validation 72/3872/5
2013-12-23 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Simplify method isMutualExclusive in Subnet...
2013-12-23 Madhu VenugopalMerge "Refactor Subnet.isSubnetOf - reduce number of...
2013-12-23 Prasanna Huddarmodified the FRM for group and meter to send ref to... 06/3906/2
2013-12-22 Anil VishnoiThis commit contains following changes 97/3897/1
2013-12-22 Prasanna HuddarAdded notification for Flow add/delete/update. 95/3895/4
2013-12-21 Prasanna HuddarFixed as per comments by changed leaf name 79/3879/5
2013-12-21 Ed WarnickeMerge "Take care of a couple of exceptions in the proce...
2013-12-21 Ed WarnickeMerge "Use a String Id for both Node and NodeConnector"
2013-12-21 Moiz RajaTake care of a couple of exceptions in the process... 86/3886/1
2013-12-21 Moiz RajaUse a String Id for both Node and NodeConnector 84/3884/1
2013-12-21 Ed WarnickeMerge "Provide an MDSalNodeFactory to construct an...
2013-12-20 Moiz RajaProvide an MDSalNodeFactory to construct an MD-SAL... 83/3883/1
2013-12-20 Jason YeMerge "On openflow plugin restart, NPE in tx poller"
2013-12-20 mrajvaidFixed northbound references to SAL 77/3877/2
2013-12-20 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add testing support for registering OSGi service...
2013-12-20 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix HashedWheelTimer exception for short living...
2013-12-20 Prasanna Huddarchanged models to include XID in add/update/delete... 71/3871/1
2013-12-20 Maros MarsalekFix HashedWheelTimer exception for short living netconf... 64/3864/1
2013-12-19 Maros MarsalekAdd testing support for registering OSGi services to... 52/3852/1
2013-12-19 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed bug in discovering JVM loaded case classes...
2013-12-19 Tony TkacikFixed bug in discovering JVM loaded case classes during... 46/3846/1
2013-12-19 Moiz RajaGenerate ADDED events for Node and NodeConnector 43/3843/2
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "DataPacketAdapter fix"
2013-12-18 Alessandro... Merge "Lazily initialize jaxb context in NB application"
2013-12-18 Juraj SebinDataPacketAdapter fix 38/3838/1
2013-12-18 Prasanth PallamreddyLazily initialize jaxb context in NB application 08/3808/2
2013-12-18 Tomas OlveckyFix method isSame in generated Abstract Modules. 31/3831/1
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed Bug 250 - bits serialization between Bindi...
2013-12-18 Tony TkacikFixed Bug 250 - bits serialization between Binding... 20/3820/2
2013-12-18 Anil VishnoiMD-SAL Statistics Manager - Changed Group/Meter Augment... 95/3795/4
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Persist service references as separate MBeans."
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Switched codecs infrastructure to use yang-data...
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed RESTConf support for identity-ref build...
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Verification of keys in list"
2013-12-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix list of dependencies mapping for readable...
2013-12-18 Martin SunalSwitched codecs infrastructure to use yang-data-impl... 49/3749/8
2013-12-17 Tony TkacikFixed RESTConf support for identity-ref build-in datatype 01/3701/3
2013-12-17 Tony TkacikVerification of keys in list 05/3605/3
2013-12-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Netconf SSH user authentication using UserManager"
2013-12-17 Martin BobakNetconf SSH user authentication using UserManager 77/3677/7
2013-12-17 Giovanni MeoMerge changes I1474351f,I2ddc5ffa
2013-12-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Use equalsIgnoreCase when comparing subnet name...
2013-12-17 Alissa BonasUse equalsIgnoreCase when comparing subnet name to... 61/3761/2
2013-12-17 Thomas BachmanAdded Missing DELETE to allowed CORS methods. 07/3807/1
2013-12-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Changed zeromq-routingtable module to remoterpc...
2013-12-17 Tomas OlveckyFix date initialization in NetconfOperationServiceImplTest. 99/3799/2
2013-12-17 Tomas OlveckyPersist service references as separate MBeans. 46/3746/3
2013-12-17 Maros MarsalekFix list of dependencies mapping for readable/writable... 48/3748/2
2013-12-17 Alessandro... On openflow plugin restart, NPE in tx poller 78/3778/1
2013-12-17 Alessandro... FRM to properly handle timed flows in case of switch... 77/3777/1
2013-12-17 Basheeruddin... Changed zeromq-routingtable module to remoterpc-routing... 55/3655/4
2013-12-16 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added tests for reading: - operational data...
2013-12-16 Anil VishnoiMD-SAL Statistics Manager: Added support for queue... 65/3765/1
2013-12-16 Alessandro... Merge "Improve iteration over subnets map by using...
2013-12-16 Alessandro... Merge "Simplify hasNodeConnector method in Subnet class...
2013-12-16 Alessandro... Adding password salting 23/3723/4
2013-12-16 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add consistency check of visible yang modules...
2013-12-16 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed netconf monitoring."
2013-12-16 Alissa BonasSimplify method isMutualExclusive in Subnet. 59/3759/1