2014-01-18 Robert VargaRemove dependecies on bgpcep concepts/util 97/4297/7
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Do not instantiate constant lists on each message"
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Switch to using yangtools version of mockito...
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed NetconfDevice to store capability info."
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "increased test coverage"
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Switch testing configuration for md-sal tests...
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add deprecated warning for plaintext configurati...
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Update ietf yang dependencies from rev130712...
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Rename initial config files from *.xml.conf...
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "removing the old FRM code"
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Refactor shutdown-impl: add parameter to RPC...
2014-01-18 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix for Bug 3"
2014-01-18 Alessandro... Merge "Config save support for networkconfiguration...
2014-01-18 Lukas SedlakFixed NetconfDevice to store capability info. 68/4168/6
2014-01-18 Madhu VenugopalConfig save support for networkconfiguration.neutron 68/4368/1
2014-01-17 Alessandro... Merge "Add NB capability to save configuration"
2014-01-17 Andrew KimMerge "Move connection manager dashlet to left bottom"
2014-01-17 Prasanth PallamreddyAdd NB capability to save configuration 37/4337/3
2014-01-17 Sapan ShahMove connection manager dashlet to left bottom 62/4362/1
2014-01-17 Ed WarnickeMerge "Changed mount point URI decoding in restconf"
2014-01-17 Robert VargaDo not instantiate constant lists on each message 96/4296/4
2014-01-17 Robert VargaSwitch to using yangtools version of mockito-configuration 19/4319/5
2014-01-17 Jozef GloncakChanged mount point URI decoding in restconf 25/4225/7
2014-01-17 Martin Bobakincreased test coverage 91/4291/4
2014-01-17 Anil VishnoiFixed bug : 205 56/4356/1
2014-01-17 Maros MarsalekSwitch testing configuration for md-sal tests to xml. 55/4355/1
2014-01-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "Fix flow installation state in UI"
2014-01-17 Giovanni MeoMerge "In the method to get flow stats for a particular...
2014-01-17 Maros MarsalekAdd deprecated warning for plaintext configuration... 17/4317/2
2014-01-17 Andrew KimFix flow installation state in UI 36/4336/1
2014-01-16 Asad AhmedIn the method to get flow stats for a particular match... 33/4333/1
2014-01-16 lakshyaBugFix: Rename Input Port to just Port in Add Span... 32/4332/2
2014-01-16 Tony TkacikAdded cache for YANG models downloaded from Netconf... 31/4331/1
2014-01-16 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added extended ietf-netconf-monitoring detection...
2014-01-16 Tomas OlveckyUpdate ietf yang dependencies from rev130712 to rev131021. 99/4299/2
2014-01-16 Tony TkacikChanged sal-compatibility from Consumer to Provider 02/4302/2
2014-01-16 Prasanna Huddarremoving the old FRM code 06/4306/1
2014-01-16 Tony TkacikAdded extended ietf-netconf-monitoring detection for... 05/4305/1
2014-01-16 Tomas OlveckyRevert commit bedd505. 00/4300/1
2014-01-16 Jason YeMerge "FRM should not remove a static flow config on...
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add missing headers to config, netconf subsystems"
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add ietf-topology to yangstore blacklist."
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Remove System.out from netconf tests"
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "increased test coverage"
2014-01-15 Giovanni MeoMerge "Update to new version of ADSAL components and...
2014-01-15 Madhu VenugopalUpdate to new version of ADSAL components and its depen... 79/4279/1
2014-01-15 Alessandro... FRM should not remove a static flow config on async... 39/4239/2
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "BugFix : Changes to get ping between two hosts...
2014-01-15 Tony TkacikFixed deployment of mount points (dynamic instances... 74/4274/3
2014-01-15 Tony TkacikUpdated implementation of Netconf, fixed DOM Mountpoint 66/4266/2
2014-01-15 Tomas OlveckyRefactor shutdown-impl: add parameter to RPC, remove... 75/4275/1
2014-01-15 Maros MarsalekAllow initial config xml files to start with xml header. 73/4273/1
2014-01-15 Martin Bobakincreased test coverage 68/4268/2
2014-01-15 Maros MarsalekAdd missing headers to config, netconf subsystems 63/4263/1
2014-01-15 Tomas OlveckyAdd ietf-topology to yangstore blacklist. 62/4262/1
2014-01-15 Maros MarsalekRename initial config files from *.xml.conf to *.xml 56/4256/1
2014-01-15 Maros MarsalekRemove System.out from netconf tests 49/4249/1
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add shutdown hook."
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Switch initial config files format to xml and...
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Better logging for netconf-ssh."
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "Restconf operation GET, PUT, POST tests refactoring"
2014-01-15 Ed WarnickeMerge "* fix : yang-generator can't find SIE if its...
2014-01-15 Moiz RajaBugFix : Changes to get ping between two hosts to work 38/4238/3
2014-01-14 Alessandro... Merge "Invalid cast results in HTTP 500 error returned...
2014-01-14 Madhu VenugopalInvalid cast results in HTTP 500 error returned by... 35/4235/1
2014-01-14 Jozef GloncakRestconf operation GET, PUT, POST tests refactoring 93/4193/4
2014-01-14 Tomas OlveckyBetter logging for netconf-ssh. 12/4212/1
2014-01-14 Maros MarsalekSwitch initial config files format to xml and add autod... 85/3785/4
2014-01-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Added flow-node-inventory import to group-statis...
2014-01-14 Martin VitezAdded flow-node-inventory import to group-statistics... 04/4204/1
2014-01-14 Giovanni MeoMerge "Modify uncaught exception handler to call System...
2014-01-14 Martin Bobakmissing dependecies reviewed and fixed 95/4195/1
2014-01-13 Martin Bobak* fix : yang-generator can't find SIE if its base is... 22/3822/7
2014-01-13 Chi-Vien LyMerge "ArpHandler to ignore ip packet sent to default GW"
2014-01-13 Giovanni MeoMerge "incorrect dependencies and unnecesary export...
2014-01-13 Martin Bobakincorrect dependencies and unnecesary export-package... 82/4182/2
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "increased test coverage of config-persister"
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "OF 1.3: Remove range check for max-length attrib...
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added tests for DELETE operation"
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "Unify topology versions used in controller"
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fix a few POM versioning/dependency warnings"
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "Updated review comments.Bulk transaction support...
2014-01-13 Ed WarnickeMerge "Model PacketInReason on yang model from openflow...
2014-01-13 Martin Bobakincreased test coverage of config-persister 02/4102/2
2014-01-13 Tomas OlveckyModify uncaught exception handler to call System.exit(1). 10/4110/4
2014-01-13 Deepthi V VOF 1.3: Remove range check for max-length attribute... 75/4175/1
2014-01-13 Srikar RajamaniModel PacketInReason on yang model from openflow-types... 49/3949/4
2014-01-13 Tomas OlveckyAdd shutdown hook. 35/3835/3
2014-01-13 Ladislav BorakAdded tests for DELETE operation 66/4166/2
2014-01-13 Prasanna HuddarUpdated review comments.Bulk transaction support added... 52/4152/4
2014-01-11 Robert VargaUnify topology versions used in controller 47/4147/1
2014-01-11 Robert VargaFix a few POM versioning/dependency warnings 79/4079/4
2014-01-11 Moiz RajaSwitch from using a Long as FlowId to a Uri 58/4058/7
2014-01-10 Ed WarnickeMerge changes I85b49247,Icca28a4a
2014-01-10 Ed WarnickeMerge "Added functionality to store capability info."
2014-01-10 Ed WarnickeMerge "Fixed bug when converting augmentation in Instan...
2014-01-10 Ed WarnickeMerge "Add test for generated code checking list of...
2014-01-10 Martin SunalAdded DELETE operation 39/4139/1
2014-01-10 Lukas SedlakAdded functionality to store capability info. 38/4138/1
2014-01-10 Martin SunalChanged POST operation 81/4081/8